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Sunday, April 16, 2006

DVD Review: King Kong (2005)

The original, while undoubtedly a classic, shows its age in this technological era of computer special effects. So I watched this DVD hoping it stayed true(ish) to the original while bringing about the reality of Kong that was not possible when the original was made. I wasn’t disappointed.

The realistic appearance of Kong and the nasty’s of Skull Island is amazing, my only disappointment was not finding the time to see them in all their glory on the big screen rather than DVD. And while not the shortest of films the story moves at a pace that makes it feel less than three hours in length without feeling rushed.

While the acting can’t really be faulted, it is the computer generated graphics (cgi) that really steal the show, bringing to life Skull Island and Kong’s scenes in New York in ways not previously possible.

Kong’s demise at the end (sorry if I spoilt the plot but its quite a well known ending) is well crafted, and the cgi effects showing the emotion in the giant apes face allow you to get swept up in the emotion of the characters to a point that it left my girlfriend in tears.

Overall a very enjoyable update of a classic film that I would recommend to anyone unless they have a real hatred of creepy crawlies, though the bigger your TV, the better.

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