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Monday, June 26, 2006

O2 Wireless Festival Leeds

Some perks of my job at the moment are pretty cool. Last year I worked for two days at V-Festival and got to see some pretty good bands (Prodigy, Kaiser Cheifs among others) in the process. Earlier this year I went to the Brit Awards and had a “Gold” table, which had us sat in front of Jade Goody and some bloke from Coronation Street.

This weekend I spent two days at O2 Wireless festival in Leeds with VIP access, again working but it doesn’t get much better than that. Sadly none of the bands held much interest for me, even the Who, who closed the Sunday seemed to struggle to get the crowd going. As I left just before 10pm to beat the rush (also after working for the previous ten hours) many people were already on their way out, so it would seem I wasn’t the only one disappointed. Those who had seen Massive Attack the previous day were even less enthusiastic about their performance.

Normally working for a few days would be great, however this time it clashed with England’s World cup game against Ecuador. Luckily I had come prepared and borrowed a handheld TV. When Beckham scored the small number of people stood watching erupted with cheers (as did those watching similar devices) followed by a rush of more people wanting to see the replays. Not the best place to watch the game, but certainly memorable. So far I have managed ok with listening to one game while travelling 200miles home after a meeting in the office and watching another at a music festival on a handheld TV. Now I just need to work out how to watch the final while flying to Tunisia if England get that far.

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