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Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Diary - Pre-tournament

So a month of football starts today. Hurray! So before it all gets underway time to place a few bets. When it comes to these things I have habit of either getting close to winning but not close enough, or putting a complete jinx on whoever I bet on. So here are the bets I placed.

To Win
£5 e/w on England at 6/1.
Ok I know I have probably just jinxed the team, but as fate seems to be trying to stop me from watching most of their (potential) games it may be that when people ask “where were you when England won the world cup in 2006?” I find myself answering about 35,000ft above Germany. At least some financial gain would make it a little more bearable.
£1 e/w on Czech Republic at 33/1
A decent outside chance and good odds. With Italy, Ghana and USA in their group they should easily get to the knockout stage. With a decent run, who knows, but worth an each way shot to get to the final at these odds.

Top Scorer
£1 e/w on Ronaldo to be top scorer at 10/1
First, Brazil are favourites and even if they don’t win will more than likely go far, this mean more games and hence more chances to score. Second, with Croatia, Australia and Japan in their group they should start well. As Ronaldo is their main man up front, hopefully he can be on the end of some Ronaldinho magic.
£1 e/w on Thiery Henry at 12/1
May not go that far, (though shouldn’t be discounted), but Switzerland, South Korea and Togo should provide ample scoring opportunities in the group stages.
£1 e/w on Pauletta at 16/1
Similar to France they won’t be easy to beat in the knockout stages even if they don’t go far but against Iran, Angola and Mexico they should score a few, hopefully from Pauletta.
£1 e/w on Wayne Rooney at 40/1
He may not be fit but with rumours he may get on the pitch as soon as England’s second game, worth a long shot at these odds, bearing in mind e/w pays for top four ¼ odds.

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