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Monday, July 31, 2006

Film Review: The Italian Job (1969)

The story of a group of con’s attempts to steal gold in Italy from under the noses of both the Italian police and Mafia.

Caine is superb in the lead role of Charlie Crocker, who having been released from prison comes across the idea of stealing gold in Italy. Lacking the resources himself, Crocker seeks the aid of Mr Bridger (Coward) who is still at Her Majesty’s Pleasure before taking his band of merry men to Italy to pull of the heist.

Even if you’ve never seen the film you are probably familiar with its theme “Self Preservation Society” and the immortal words “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”.

The film climax’s with three Mini Coopers driving around the streets, pavement, roofs and any other bit of space in Turin is one of thee classic car chase scenes, ending with a real cliff hanger.

A truly great film worthy of a place in anyone’s DVD collection.

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sai krupa said...

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