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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Israel/Lebanon Conflict

It’s been nearly two weeks now since this conflict began, and still we await a call from some of the major players in international politics for a ceasefire.

While the taking of two Israeli troops by Hezbollah can not be condoned if they crossed Israel’s border to do so, the conflict and attacks Israel has brought upon the people of Lebanon is an enormous over reaction.

In the only address I have seen President Bush give on the matter he came across of fully backing Israel, then again this in the same man who invaded a country because he thought they might have some weapons which could potentially be used against the USA and their allies.

I suspect things aren’t as simple as they appear. With full conspiracy theory hat on, maybe Hezbollah didn’t take the soldiers, but instead it was a covert operation by the US government to bring about an Israeli attack on Lebanon with the hope that Syria and/or Iran would come to the aid of Lebanon giving Mr Bush a reason to attack two more countries so he can cross them of his “Axis of Evil”.

So maybe the US didn’t kidnap the soldiers and it was Hezbollah. Strong accusations that Hezbollah is supplied with arms and funded by both the Iranian and Syrian governments have been made by some, is this just preparing the path to war with these countries by providing a link more tedious than those of Radio 1s Comedy Dave, of Iran/Syria to terrorism. Perhaps the families of soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq will see there relatives leave these countries, only for them to then invade Syria or Iran. Only time will tell.

Whatever the situation and underlying politics, the sooner a ceasefire is called and the innocent people of Lebanon can rebuild their country and their lives the better.

Next stop, North Korea, or maybe Cuba or ……….. Oh come on George give us a clue.

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