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Monday, August 07, 2006

Music Review: Get Born - Jet

When this album kicks off you get the impression you are in for a good old rock n roll ride. Things get even better in the next few songs as the tempo picks up with hits “Are you gonna be my girl” and “Rollover DJ”. Things then slow down a little with the sing along “Look What You’ve Done”. At this point you’re thinking what a great decision it was to buy this album which is only reinforced by the uplift in temp of “Get What You Need”.

Sadly after this point things go down hill. While not disastrous, the slow songs would probably help with even the worst case of insomnia, while when the tempo lifts it just doesn’t seem to have the same impact of songs earlier on the album. Unfortunately the songs at the outset set the level of expectation high, and while the rest of the album isn’t bad, it does fail to live up to the standards set.

Overall, not a bad album, and there are some great songs here. On the whole though it sadly just doesn’t live up to its early promise.

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