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Monday, August 07, 2006

Music Review: Monkey Business - Black Eyed Peas

With there second album the Black Eyed Peas continue to bring there own brand of hip hop to the mainstream market.

You could be given in thinking you were listening to a Tarrantino soundtrack at the outset with “Pump It” sampling “Misirlou” the instantly recognisable Pulp Fiction theme. And this sets the tone for much of the album which mixes hip hop, cool samples and tuneful melodies.

One of my pet hates are albums where one song sounds so similar to the next you can’t work out which track you are listening to, a trap Monkey Business is never in danger of doing. While the underlying roots of the album are hip hop there is also everything from rock to funk in there two creating a pleasurable mixture of styles throughout the album. The only bad track for me is “Bebot” while the rest is a pure pleasure to listen to, my personal highlight being “Union” which features a sample of “An Englishman in New York”.

Buy this CD, you won’t be disappointed.

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