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Friday, February 16, 2007

Site Update

You may have noticed the site looks a little different, a bit strange since I am no longer updating it.

Well, I had some time recently to try and get things a little more how I had always wanted them, and this is the first update. There is still quite a bit to do. The fight cards are currently missing as I am giving them a re-vamp which is quite a lengthy process and I don't want to upload any until they are all done. The fight logs are on-line however including managing to get some of the data that was lost when the old forum crashed making 2004/5 complete.

The biggest change is the inclusion of video for fights where I have it. Just look in the fight logs and click the link next to the relevant fight. Also check out the "Video Vault" where there are videos of fights which weren't called as such by the referee.

The forum still links to the hockeyfightsuk forum so if you haven't already joined, click the link and register, the more the merrier.

There will be more updates though exactly when I can't say as the time I have to spend on the site is limited. I am planning on adding comments options for each fight video along with polls to vote who you think won plus of course getting the fight cards updated and putting the Hall of Fame online. Please be patient.

If you think you have anything you can contribute to the site, please get in touch through the forum (my user name is IceWars, now there's a surprise), particularly if you have any video's or interviews I can use.

One last note, the search box on the left works perfectly well for web searches, but in the short term won't find anything through the site search until Google re-indexes the site. Hopefully this will happen relatively soon.

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