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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Season Kicks off with a Bang

Well, this time last week, I had planned on putting together some form of season preview only for work commitments to get in the way. To do one now, given we have had the first weekend of competitive action seems a bit silly. So instead I'll give a quick breakdown of what I plan for the site this season.

First, I won't be compiling fight logs again. This process can be quite time consuming to keep everything up to date and I can't guarantee being able to keep it up to date and would rather do nothing than make a half-hearted attempt.

I will be continuing to put the old fight cards and logs on to the site and where possible provide video footage for these fights to serve as an archive of sorts. On top of this I plan to add any video footage of this seasons fights to the video vault section that get posted on the various video sites and forums.

Finally, I will post my thoughts on the season as it goes with a focus on the more physical aspects of the game for you all to digest, pull apart and disagree with however you see fit.

So to kick things off, here are some links to some of this weekends fights. Plenty of action from the big boys with most of the top names in action at the weekend.

08/09/07 - Shmyr V Clouthier

08/09/07 - Lewis V Stefishen

08/09/07 - Cornish V Voth

09/09/07 - Payette v Shmyr


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