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Monday, April 27, 2009

If in doubt, leave it out

As I write this I am following the ice hockey world championships.  Tonight Sweden are playing Latvia.  Sweden should win, but the Latvians are no pushover, so it won’t be the big score run up that has happened in a number of the games at these championships.

I placed a bet on this game, for Sweden to win, but when I did had a very small doubt about this game.  The doubt was small, but never the less, I still had some element of doubt over the result of this game as the Latvians had lost by only a couple of goals against the USA a couple of days ago.

Right now as I write this, Latvia are winning 2-1, with just one period to play. Certainly far from over, but highlights a great point.  If you are in doubt over a bet and think maybe the bookies have it wrong, leave it and move on to the next one.  While you have to accept you will lose some bets, you need to limit these where possible.

Now for the 3rd period, come on Sweden!

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