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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Quantity or quality?

Last time I finished by saying it is the quality of bets, not the quantity of bets that matters, and as an overall strategy I stand by this.  However, to try and keep this experiment as scientific as possible I feel the need to set a minimum quantity of bets.

The purpose is to try and get a better return on £100 by betting than I would get by putting it in a savings account.  If I put £100 in a savings account I would have invested the whole £100.  To try and give a fair comparison I need to make sure I invest the whole £100 in the experiment.  As such I will be making a minimum of 100 bets with a stake of £1 over the year to insure I have invested the whole £100. I say minimum as any bets over this amount will be the same as compounding interest in a savings account.

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