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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple’s new great invention, the iPad

I’m being sarcastic in case you hadn’t realised, the iPad seems neither new in basic concept or great.  Lets face it, its a laptop with a touch screen and no keyboard that lets you run iPod apps and read books. Or to put it another way, an over sized iPod that won’t fit in your pocket.  WOW!!!!!

Tablet PC’s with built in 3G and wi-fi have been around ages and the reason they haven’t caught on is they suck, I know I had to used one in a job a few years ago.  Ok so the iPad isn’t as cumbersome and is full touch screen, but touch screen computers are nothing new.  Again I have used them in a work environment and for certain tasks always have to revert to using the keyboard as it’s generally far more practical for the task at hand.

So if we forget the work stuff, how about personal use.  Well its far too big to replace a phone or iPod both of which come in touch screen form.  Some touch screen phones even give you a full qwerty keyboard because some manufacturers realise that some things are just easier and more practical when done with a key board, no matter how much touch screens may be ‘en vogue’.  Apple even acknowledge the need of a keyboard, to quote Jobs, “When you really need to do a lot of typing, this is the way to go” when talking about the keyboard add on for the iPad.

Throwing all this to one side, iPad is bound to be the gadget talked about for a good while.  Why? Because the Steve Jobs/Apple iHype machine is behind it.  I am not having a go at Apple products, I love my iPod, but in general they are nothing like as great as the hype would try and have us believe.  Iphone couldn’t even send MMS or record video when it came out, yet Apple got away with charging £300 for the device on an 18 month contract when far better phone were available for free, on lower priced tariffs with more minutes and texts. 

No doubt, just as with iPhone, the Apple-aholics and geeks are already lining up at Apple stores world wide to order their iPad.  And while it does look nice, its also very niche and don’t let the hype fool you otherwise.

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