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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Australian Open: Damn you Soderling!

soderling Being stuck at home has given me time to get a few bets on with the first round of the Australian Open being the idle place to start.  Overall not too bad, with 15 bets settled only two are losers, one being an accumulator of the other 16.  The mistake here may have been the accumulator as without out it I would be slightly up, but as things stand it leaves me slightly down.  Lets just hope the remaining bets are winners.

Those following the old Beating The Bank blog will realise my bets generally make only small profits, so a loss can have a big hit, but such is the success rate I am still in profit.  If you are unfamiliar with my methods and strategies, I have imported all the posts from the old blog so if your click on the ‘gambling’ tag in the tag cloud in the right column you can read previous posts.

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