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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chrome Extensions: LastPass V Roboform (Part 1)

Recently I have been trying out various extensions for Google Chrome, trying to decide if the time has come to switch from Internet Explorer.  Despite both the infancy of both the browser and in particular its extensions I have on the whole been quite impressed with the quality and functionality.

One of the main things keeping me with Internet Explorer has been the password manager RoboForm.  Roboform had developed a version for Chromium, but feedback had been poor and although Chromium is pretty much the same as Google Chrome, I had nothing but issues so quickly ditched it.  So with the advent of extensions for Chrome I started looking for alternatives and quickly came across LastPass. So while trialling different extensions I have been putting LastPass through its paces.

Unlike Roboform which stores passwords locally, LastPass stores your encrypted passwords remotely allowing you to access them from LastPassButton230x230any computer.  Initial setup was straight forward, as it storing passwords, you simply enter your login details on the website and when you click submit the LastPass icon turns green and becomes animated.  Clicking the icon allows you to save the login details which is done by opening a new tab where you can edit some of the details.  For those using other services such as Roboform there is also an import option to help saved time.  This too was straight forward to complete.

It didn’t take long for problems to surface, most of which centre around usernames.  The first issue I encountered was the imported login for Amazon did not fill in the email address field.  This was quickly resolved by creating a new login within LastPass for Amazon.  I then started to get similar issues with other sites where LastPass failed to populate the username field.  Unlike with Amazon, creating new entries with LastPass did not solve the issue.  The common theme seemed to be these sites all use an email address as the login, but despite LastPass saving these details it never filled the field on the login page.  Taking the problem a step further, for Google, LastPass won’t fill any fields or even create a login.

roboform-logo-suqareSo after a few days playing around, I feel I am back to square one, or am I?  LastPass isn’t for me, at least not in its current form though as with all Chrome extensions its still early days, but I decided to take a quick look at Roboform’s website, and was pleasantly surprised to find they now have a Chrome extension.  So I’m now off to give it a try and will report my findings over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

the problem with RoboForm's extension is that it's based on RF Online, so when I login at home I have to login at work again - in firefox I just provide the master password it is so much easier.