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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chrome Extensions: LastPass V RoboForm (Part 2)

In my last post I discussed how I was looking for a password manger for Google Chrome if I am to switch from Internet Explorer for the bulk of my web browsing.  My first efforts with LastPass were ok, but ultimately it didn’t fit the bill as a replacement for Roboform.  However, Roboform have now released there own Chrome extension which I have been trialling.

Similar to LastPass, Roboform uses an online service for storing passwords rather than is own application which stores data locally.  The difference with Roboform online is it syncs with the Roboform app on your PC, so if you change one, the other changes automatically. 

In terms of logging in, its a little more long winded than LastPass.  LastPass auto populates the fields, Roboform doesn’t.  Instead you have to click the Roboform icon which then brings up a kind of window asking you to confirm which ‘passcard’ you wish to use. Not a straightforward as LastPass, but no dissimilar to how the Roboform app normally works.  If you don’t have a passcard saved for that particular site it gives you the option of creating one.  Again LastPass handles this better by asking if you want to save a password you have just entered, Roboform has to be told you are about to enter a password you want saving, and this is where it falls down.  I could not get it to create any new passcards.  Every time I had Roboform ready to create a new passcard it stopped me submitting the form data to the website, as such unable to create any new passcards.

So where does this leave me.  Neither LastPass or Roboform work well enough in Chrome in my opinion.  Of the two, LastPass seems the better option, though it is by no means perfect. My next option is to try the obvious, store passwords in Chrome itself, but it doesn’t give the same flexibility that dedicated password managers offer, so it could well be back to Internet Explorer until a better solution with Chrome exists.

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Anonymous said...

BTW xmarks can sync both bookmarks and passwords and works with Google chrome, however I do not know how secure it is