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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do extensions make it worth switching to Chrome? (Part 2)

In my last post I highlighted some of the Chrome extensions I had tried to use in conjunction with Google apps, which on the whole are pretty good.  This time I’ll go through some of the extensions I have tried which integrate with 3rd party apps and websites.

chrome As this blog is with Blogger I’ll start with Blog This!, nice idea but lacks basics such as adding images to the post so I quickly removed this extension.  I’ll check back in case more functionality is added, but for now I’ll stay clear.  For micro-blogging site Twitter there were plenty of options, I started with TwitterBar, a neat and simple extension that lets you Tweet and includes URL shortening.  I have since moved on to Chrowety which lets me view Tweets from those I follow as well as post my own plus a whole lot more.

My final social networking extension is unsurprisingly for Facebook.  After using a few I have settled on Facebook for Google Chrome, which I feel has a clean interface, updates quickly and provides the live feed rather than the news feed.  Others I tried which were for the most part ok included Facebook To-Go with instant notifications and Facebook.

Next is Adblock, which does exactly what it says, block ads oie7logon web pages and from what I have seen does a reasonable job though some do slip through.  There is also Adthwart which I haven’t tried, mainly as reader the comments, Adblock doesn’t have an icon unnecessarily taking up space but Adthwart apparently does.  If you read my first post on Chrome, you will be aware that a key reason for not ditching IE is online banking so I tried both IE Tab and IE Tab classic neither of which allowed me to do my banking from within Chrome.

Finally there is Lastpass.  As I have previously said I use Roboform as a password manager but this doesn’t support Chrome so I’m giving Lastpass a try.  To early to say what I think of it yet so I’ll leave it for another post.

So will I be switching to Chrome?  So far my experience has been better than those I had when I tried Firefox and Opera for different reasons and overall I will go as far as saying I prefer Chrome to IE.  Its interface is clean and fuss free (isn’t that the same with everything Google though), as an application it loads fast and renders pages quickly plus the extensions simplify much of what I do, but I’ll not be ditching IE just yet.  Providing Lastpass delivers as a suitable replacement to Roboform I think the majority of my browsing will be done in Chrome, but until I can do my banking with it as well, IE will always have its place.

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