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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

New year and a new start with the blogging.  First off I have merged the three blogs I had in to one, so some of the posts may not fully make sense in relation to the blog as a whole.

On the beating the bank front, I haven’t placed any bets for a while mainly down to other commitments taking priorty, perhaps a good thing as it shows I haven’t developed an addiction.  There will be a few more bets over the next few months, plus I am going to dabble with cash poker games, to see if I can to up earnings that way as well. 

Finally a crappy start to the new year, Steelers are on a big losing streak and a couple of days ago I broke my arm after slipping on ice at work, first broken bone in over 31 years of being in this planet. :-(

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