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Friday, February 05, 2010

Matsos to stay………for now

After yet another lacklustre performance from the Sheffield Steelers Wednesday night and further calls from fans for Dave Matsos to be relieved from his coaching duties, owner Bob Phillips has spoken out to say Matsos will be here for the rest of this season at least.  However, Phillips has also promised that starting now, the team will change its strategy in a bid for produce a more entertaining product on the ice.  If Matsos and his players fail to deliver on this, it is hard to see many of them still being at the club come September. 

New signing Mike Sgroi is one player who the team are likely to rely on deliver some of this entertainment, so lets hope he is let of the leash this weekend against the Belfast Giants.  Given a couple of Matsos’s previous signings in Jeremy Cornish and Brett Clouthier didn’t pan out, Sgroi is perhaps not seen as a Matsos type player by some, and a few comments on the Steelers forum and in the media suggest that perhaps Matsos was not responsible for his signing.

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