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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Win, Void, Win, Void, Win, Void……..

In my efforts to find a better rate of return on my savings than offered by the banks I have been having some mixed fortunes.  Ok, perhaps that is the pessimist in me saying that as I have won tidy sum in the last 24 hours, its just it could have been so much more.

I placed bets on six 2nd round ties in the women’s tennis in Dubai, and as the title suggests three were wins and the other three voided due to player retirements. The really gutting thing is I also had 15 doubles and an accumulator going too.  The accumulator paid out on the three completed ties and doubles paid out other than the three combinations of voided ties, so I still had a nice profit, £6.06 to be precise.

As things stand, I have made just over a 10% return on the £100 I have used in the experiment since I started about 11 months ago.  That’s quite a lot better than the market leading 3.61%AER available in savings accounts back in March last year.

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