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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decision time approaches, so how to quickly lose my vote

As I am registered as a postal voter, my ballot paper for next weeks election arrived today.  A quick scan sees five candidates from Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, UKIP and BNP.  Regardless of policy two of the candidates immediately put themselves out of the running.

First was the Conservative candidate, who lives in London, around 150 miles removed from my Derbyshire constituency.  How exactly is someone living in the heart of our nations capital supposed to understand what is needed in a rural, former mining community?  I know where I live is a Labour stronghold, but surely they could find someone a little more local to stand for election rather than just filling the spot with some random Tory kid from a list who has probably has higher aspirations within the party should a spot come up in a more Tory friendly constituency.

The other candidate to fall at the first hurdle was the BNP representative.  Apparently he does live within the constituency, but unlike the other candidates who’s address’s are printing on the ballot paper, it simply states that he live “within the constituency”.  Now if he truly believed in what the party stood for he would be happy to supply this information like the rest of the candidates, though perhaps he fears some sort of backlash, maybe he realises that some of what his party stands for is, well wrong.  Either way, clearly not a man of his convictions, so regardless of his party’s policies, I would question whether he really would stand up for what he believes in (right or wrong) parliament.

So that leaves just Labour or the Lib Dems. Forget UKIP, I don’t know whether I am pro or anti Europe as all we ever get on the issue is bias media coverage rather than facts so we can decide whether we should be in Europe or not.

I am leaning more towards one than the other, but I’ll wait until after the final debate before deciding.  Currently, I don’t think either would be a bad vote. Our local MP seems to have done a lot of good with a lot of money coming in to the area to help regeneration, so I don’t have an issue with him being my MP at all (and I’d be amazed if he doesn’t win the seat). On the other hand, I do like what the Lib Dems are offering or what a vote for the Lib Dems may bring.

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