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Thursday, April 15, 2010

An election dilemma

So as the general election fast approaches, I still remain far from convinced who I shall be voting for.  Perhaps I should be less bothered by this than I am given I live in one of the largest Labour majorities in the country, (my vote will count for little if anything in my view) but I still want my say regardless of how little it means.  The problem I have is it remains less than clear exactly what each party is offering me, so I’ve been trying to look at the different party manifestos.

Labour has a video cartoon for their manifesto on their website, the only thing I have got from it is an annoying tune going round and round in my head, still not clear on exactly what they are going to too, plenty of brash statements on how this or that will be better, but nothing to say how they will accomplish this.

The Conservative provide a 131 page pdf file to download, great if you have the time to read it, not everyone does so non the wiser here either.  The only thing I can gather is they seem to want people to have greater control.  Two problems, first given the generally apathy people in the UK have voting once every few years in an election what makes the Tories think people will want a more regular say on how things should be run. Second, if the people are running the country what exactly are the politicians we have voted for being paid to do?

Finally the Lib Dems, their manifesto is a bit more readable at 57 pages (and a cut down easy read 14 pages), they also do a better job of summarising what they stand for and allowing you easily read about the issues that matter to you.  As with Labour they have a easy to watch video break down of their key policies, though here party leader Nick Clegg is front and centre explaining things.  And this is the difference, unlike the other parties the Lib Dems make it easier than the others to understand not just what they will do but how they will do it e.g. raise income tax threshold to £10k by getting more tax from those who earn more.

I haven’t looked at other parties but if I find out others are standing in my area I will look up what they stand for, but the message is simple, if you want my vote, make it easy and clear for me to found out what you will actually do for me if you get in to power.  So far 1-0 Lib Dems, though with a few weeks to go I am still open to being convinced my vote would be better place elsewhere.

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