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Friday, May 21, 2010

Google Apps Docs incorrect re-direct in Chrome

Just a quick post to note an issue I have had over the last couple of days with Google Docs.  I currently have my own domains running on Google Apps including email, calendar and of course Google Docs. However, over the last few days when trying to access my apps account Docs in Google Chrome, the browser has been re-directing to the standard Google Docs login.  As I also run IE8, I tried in that and everything was fine.

A quick search produced not results, hence why I write this in case anyone has a similar problem, they may find the answer here.  This evening something dawned on me.  Google is in the process of removing offline support for Google Docs, something I have enabled in the past, and the URL when re-directing included a reference to offline. So in Chromes settings I disabled Gears offline support for Docs, and hey presto everything now seems fine.

So if you have the same problem, try disabling Gears within Chrome, it just might work.

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