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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steelers move forward with new player/coach

Simon_K-Wings2_325x183Following the turmoil of the last few weeks, the Sheffield Steelers seem to be taking more positive steps at preparing for the new season.  Most important , from a fans point of view, is the signing of new player coach Ben Simon. 

For a player coming to the UK, Simon’s pedigree is top notch; a career AHLer, while not the most prolific scorer Simon clearly has talent as his 81 games in the NHL show.  And while he may not have put up big numbers in either league, few players that come to the EIHL have made it to the AHL for more than a handful of games never mind the NHL.  Gone of the days when players like Ken Priestlay, Ken Hodge and Frank Pietrangelo would ply their trade in the UK, indeed decent scorers from the ECHL are usually among the top players, so hopefully in Simon the Steelers have a gem.  Likewise having spent his career in the AHL (other than one year in Germany’s DEL), Simon is sure to have some good contacts so can hopefully add some serious talent to complete the Steelers roster ready for the start of the new season and give the team a shot at some silverware.

Other news from the Steelers includes that owner Bob Phillips intends to carry on (for the meantime at least) as owner after interested buyers failed to come up with any sort of firm offer to buy the club, while a new headline sponsor is expected to be announced this week. There is an interview with the Steelers owner on that covers much of what has gone on over recent weeks and months and how the club wants to move forward.

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