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Sunday, August 15, 2010

According to the Telegraph, “Apple's iPad is 'the preferred way to read books in the UK'.” Yeah right.

Well that’s what the headline says anyway.  However, what it actually means is that of around 1000 people surveyed who have purchased an iPad, 41% said that their iPad was their preferred method of reading books.  So 59% of surveyed iPad users prefer a traditional paper copy or have no preference.  As far as misleading headlines go, this is one of the worst.  So bad it could even have been written by Apples own people, you know the ones that seem to think a mobile phone with signal issues isn’t a problem.  I’ll suggest an alternative headline, ‘Millions of Brits don’t purchase iPad to read books as they prefer paper version’. No more misleading that the Telegraph headline and probably far more factually correct.

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