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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Five Reasons to stick with Android

android_logoUpgrade time is due on my mobile contract at the end of the year, so I’ve started looking around as to which handset is next.  Currently I have a HTC Desire, which is without doubt the best mobile phone I have ever owned. I purchased the phone outright after the G1 I got with my current contract had a fatal accident with a toilet, and despite only having had the phone for around 6 months, with a free upgrade on the horizon its difficult not to look around to see if there is something better.

There are the obvious upgrades in the likes of HTC Desire HD, where I just get a slightly better version of what I have already got, but I like to keep my options open.  Earlier this week I got my hands on the new Blackberry Torch and first impressions were what a great piece of tech it is. Nice design, functional, easy to use and the touch screen was very responsive.  In fact I seriously considered it for my upgrade, unfortunately after digging a little deeper I found more reasons for sticking with Android than I did reasons to switch to Blackberry, nothing about the Torch itself, more the Apps or lack of certain ones available for Blackberry.

1. Spotify
spotify_logo-copy1When I was younger I spent a small fortune on buying CD’s and built up quite a collection. As I have got older, things like bills, mortgage payments etc have taken priority so other than the odd album I had somewhat fallen out of love with music. Spotify changed all that, and my love for music is back. I have been a Spotify user for over a year and a premium subscriber for most of that time. £9.99 a month lets me put my Spotify playlists on my phone for the commute to work and I have discovered (and rediscovered) more music that I ever would have spending ten times that on CD’s.  Out of every app on Android this is probably the one I could least live without. Sadly, Spotify don’t have an App for Blackberry and until they do I can’t see me making the switch.  A few people have suggested alternatives such as Groove Shark, but I haven’t found any that come close to giving me what Spotify does.

2. Google Navigation
No doubt someone can point me in the right direction (no pun intended), but can’t see anything that compares to the free Sat Nav that is Google Navigation. I don’t use it often, but it does come in useful every now then.

3. Angry Birds
angry-birds-20100825-103217After waiting for it to finally come to Android, I really don’t want to have to wait again for it to come to Blackberry. Ok, its only a game, but it really helps kill the odd five minutes here and there waiting for a tram while having a coffee in Starbucks.

A great app for listening to internet radio, I use this on my phone mzl.rvuprivl.175x175-75and iPod touch when at home as radio reception where I live isn’t that great. It does appear in the Blackberry App World, but shows only available in Belgium and Netherlands, so not much good. Maybe there is an equivalent, but nothing jumped out at me.

5. Sky+
sky-plus-androidI often forget to set something to record on the Sky+ box, or see a trailer while not at home for a program that interests me. The Sky+ app for Android is great as I can quickly set things to record from my phone.  Seems Sky did have an app like this for Blackberry, but its not been updated for a while and no longer works.

There are plenty of apps such as Twitter, Evernote and Facebook I use that Blackberry also have and there are alternatives to things such as Google Listen and Voice Actions. While email, calendar and contact syncing won’t be a problem either. But having come to rely of some of the other apps mentioned above, I can’t see myself giving them up easily anytime soon.

blackberry_torch_9800As much as I want to try something new and the Torch meets that want, I also have become dependent on some thinks that at the moment the Blackberry just can’t do.  So after looking at what is likely to stop me switching to Blackberry, it looks like I’ll be sticking with Android, for now at least. Or I could always upgrade to the Blackberry and switch between that and the HTC depending on my mood. Hmmm, glad I’ve still got a couple of months to think things over.

There is one other option, Apple’s iPhone 4.  Its got all the apps, but given its over inflated price, I think I’ll pass.

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