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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I like a good hockey fight, but this goes too far

From a recent KHL game between Omsk Avangard and Vityaz Checkhov, less of brawl and more of a mass mugging from the opening face-off by Vityaz Checkhov.

The teams have a history of similar events, in January this year a game between the two sides featured a number of line brawls and a full blown bench clearance. That game was suspended after less than four minutes with almost 700 penalty minutes assessed.

The Vityaz roster clearly shows their intent to have a rough, physical team using their import slots for players such as Chris Simon, Josh Gratton, Darcy Verot and Brandon Sugden.  With players more famous for their pugilistic talents than silky stick handling such as this taking up key spots of the roster, it should be too for the team to be involved in incidents like this, particularly with an ex-enforcer Andrei Nazarov as their head coach.

A detailed article on the history between the two sides and the fines and suspensions following the brawl can be found on the IIHF website.

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