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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Eve–Steelers V Storm–Round 3: The Main Event

If you’ve not already, I’d recommend reading my previous posts (round 1 and round 2) as they give a bit of background to this video.  This is probably one of my favourite hockey fights, the game itself was one of the better ones too. I don’t want to spoil things too much for those not familiar with this incident, but watch for the cheap hit from Corey Spring that kicks things off, not the most sensible thing when you’re already a marked man by the opposition.  Referee Simon Kirkham manages to keep the benches from clearing but other than that its pretty much chaos on ice, in the penalty box and on the benches.  You may need to watch it a few times to pick up on everything. As a final teaser I’ll say this, Dennis Vial, Scott Allison, Scott Metcalfe, Rob Trumbley…….  Enjoy!

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