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Monday, January 03, 2011

Old Time Hockey

Being a bit bored earlier I had a look back at some of my old hockey fight videos and it made me realise just how good we had things here in the UK about 10 years ago.  Not only was the standard of hockey way above anything we had seen before or since (probably ever will again) in the UK, but the quality of the enforcers was as good as its every been. Ok so since the days of the ISL we have had the likes of Wade Belak and Eric Cairns, but take the 2000/1 season for example (probably the best season in terms of overall quality).  That year teams included such players as Doug Doull, Louis Bedard, Brad Wingfield, Mike Ware, Dave Morisette, Bill Huard, Claude Jutras, Trevor Doyle, Paxton Schulte, Paul Ferone, Barry Nieckar and my personal favourite Dennis Vial. Bear in mind that this is just a selection of the tough guys that played in the ISL that year, dig a little deeper and you’ll come up with plenty more.

This year, the EIHL does seem to have a bit more toughness than the last few years, but very few (if any) could be compared to the players listed above. So anyway looking through some of my old fight videos, I thought I’d share a few from the 2000/1 season over the next few weeks on the blog.

First off, two of the all time great heavyweights of British ice hockey, Dennis Vial and Mike Ware.  This was their second fight of the season, the first in Sheffield had seen the two just stand and throw trading bombs.  Unfortunately for hometown favourite Vial, Ware caught him flush with about his third punch scoring a big TKO win. This fight was the one everyone had been waiting for, this time in Ware’s backyard, Cardiff. Enjoy.

Mike Ware (Cardiff) V Dennis Vial (Sheffeld)–2000/1

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