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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Apple gets all the hype, but Kindle is where it’s at

kindleLast week, Apple finally revealed the successor to the iPad, iPad 2.  As usual with Apple there has been a lot of speculation and hype around the iPad 2, and in my opinion as with most things Apple the final product fails to live up to the hype.  That’s not to say anything bad about the iPad 2, just that Apple’s PR machine tend to overhype their products making them out to be more than they really are.

The original iPad brought about a new type of device, the tablet which in the last 12 months has also received hype beyond all proportion.  Why do I say this? Well the only place I have seen an actual iPad (or any other tablet for that matter) is in a shop, on the shelf. I am still to see anyone actually using one in the real world and know of only one person who actually owns one.

Now compare this to ebook readers.  I first saw someone using one last summer while on holiday, in fact I saw a few people lounging round the pool with them.  Fast forward to the new year and I now see people using them everyday on their commute to and from work.  Most people (including myself) seem to favour Amazon’s Kindle.

The other day three of the four people sat in the same section as me were all reading their Kindle.  Maybe I just mix in the wrong circles but I know more people with ebook readers than tablets and see far more people using them.  Maybe that will change during this year, but I no one I know has said they want or will be getting a tablet, so for me the jury is still out.  So forget tablets, this year already seems to be the year of the ebook reader, at least it is in the real world if not in that of PR and hype.

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